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Welcome history
Founded 1927 Growth 1930s World War II 1940s 1950s Age of TV 1960s Solid State Age 1970s Maturity 1980s Hibernation 1990s Reawakening 2000 - A New Millenium
Smart Buy Vacuum Tube Advert By the turn of the millenium, Helmore & Hunt had effectively been trading continuously for 73 years - the original proprietors Ted & Len were long gone, but their name was incredibly still living on across the electronics world. The orders continued to arrive, albeit slowly - and after 20 years of unpromoted, skeleton trading, many rare items were beginning to run out. It was clear that something had to be done to preserve that rich and lengthy heritage!
Of course, by the year 2000, the Internet had arisen and for the first time in many years, vacuum tubes (electronic valves) were appearing for sale on-line. Helmore & Hunt was alive once more and commenced a selective acquisiton policy to replenish its somewhat depleted stocks.
In 2003 a major coup was executed, when the business was able to purchase the entire stock of a long closed Liverpool, UK based wireless company, which had been similar in structure it seemed, to our own business in Bristol. The stock contained many items relating to marine radio, which proved ideal replacements for some of the rarer transmitting tubes still asked for by some of our far flung clients.
As "The Saturday Boy" now lives in the USA, Helmore & Hunt has recently been incorporated as an Oregon corporation. Selective buying over the last two years has established a US based tube stock of a similar size to that currently held in the UK.
Our rich heritage - with deep links in the media, data and electronics worlds - now allows us to proudly offer our latest services across all of those sectors, in addition to continuing to serve our vintage electronics customers who have relied on us for the past 93 years.