Helmore & Hunt Name
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Welcome history
Founded 1927 Growth 1930s World War II 1940s 1950s Age of TV 1960s Solid State Age 1970s Maturity 1980s Hibernation 1990s Reawakening 2000 - A New Millenium
1950s Kids listening to records As the years passed following the closure and demolition of our shop, the Helmore & Hunt name, part of the Bristol scene for 52 years - remained but a fond and fading memory in its former customer's minds. But one person, your current author and Ted & Len's chosen guardian of the remaining stock - had at the behest of the old gentlemen - redirected the mail.
Despite the demise of the business as a retail shop, the odd order from far and wide continued to trickle in - many from foreign governments and even the Brazilian Navy and the Botswanan Army! They were all looking for rare and by then, precious vacuum tubes, revealing that the wily Ted & Len had for years conducted a far larger business than they had ever made publicly known.
The problem of what to do with all that stock was rapidly solved by taking our current Bristol lock-up premises - in the charmingly named Combfactory Lane, Easton. The occasional orders continued reliably for two decades, somewhat proving Ted & Len's international reputation. The income continued to pay the small rental cost of our lock-up reliably, even though the business was not actively promoted due to other commitments. Most importantly, the remaining stock was safely maintained.