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Founded 1927 Growth 1930s World War II 1940s 1950s Age of TV 1960s Solid State Age 1970s Maturity 1980s Hibernation 1990s Reawakening 2000 - A New Millenium
Mr Edward Helmore & Mr Leonard Hunt With the old shop finally demolished, it seemed like the end for Helmore & Hunt. The Bristol Evening Post recorded the 1979 closure in the article reproduced here.
Edward Helmore and Leonard Hunt (pictured right) had spent a lifetime in the electronics business, from its very earliest days. They watched the entire industry and the media that surrounded it grow and they grew with it themselves. From accumulator charging and home constructed sets in the days before regular broadcasting, right through to the introduction of colour TV - they were just two of the many people that made the entire electronics revolution possible.
They did not adapt - indeed, were not interested in adapting - to what today we would call the "disruptive" technology of the seminconductor. "Too fiddly - and too late to learn" Len once told me. Their love - and understanding, had always been that of the humble electronic valve - or vacuum tube, of which their knowledge was encyclopaedic.
But they would have embraced the computer, the Internet and modern media - and would have recognized it for the revolution it has been. Without them - and their likes' lifetimes of groundbreaking work - none of it would exist today.