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Founded 1927 Growth 1930s World War II 1940s 1950s Age of TV 1960s Solid State Age 1970s Maturity 1980s Hibernation 1990s Reawakening 2000 - A New Millenium
198 Newfoundland Road Shop in 1973 By the mid 1960s, technology was changing fast with the first commercial introductions of semiconductors - yet the vacuum tube still had many years to run before being overtaken by its solid-state competitor.
By the end of the decade, Helmore & Hunt had been continuously in business for 43 years. Mr Helmore & Mr Hunt were approaching reitrement age. As "all transistor" radios became really established the semiconductor also became capable of performing more and more of the vacuum tubes' tasks. To our two old gentlemen, the new technology was "fiddly" to learn owing to its miniaturization - and now in their sixties, they decided to stick with the technology they knew so well - the vacuum tube, or electronic valve.
Astonishingly, the business was to continue uninterrupted for another decade. Consumers and the wiser electonics industry alike began to realize that 198 Newfoundland Road was a true emporium of rare tubes and other electronic components. Its proprietors, now famous in their own right, also held an unmatched depth of knowledge about vacuum tubes and their associated electronics, dating from well before 1927.