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1942 Letter 1939 saw the outbreak of World War II and Helmore & Hunt had moved shop to larger premises at 35 Milk Street, Bristol - still in the heart of the downtown shopping district. By this time, the trading title of the "The Wireless Exchange" had been dropped and Ted & Len were concentrating on the manufacture of small production runs, transformer and motor winding - plus "Oscillograph work".
Helmore & Hunt had also built up a huge stock of vacuum tubes and other components and as the war effort continued, Ted & Len were busily supplying vital components and equipment to the Ministry of Defence. They were involved in the highly secretive development of some of the very earliest radar sets, which unbdoubtedly gave the Royal Air Force the upper hand in the Battle of Britain.
As this sample letter shows, the pair were also engaged in making some pretty strange devices - in this case, "Electric Eye Heaters" for the Bristol Eye Hospital! These were miniature RF transmitters that worked on the principle of today's microwave. We still have the designs to this day if anybody out there would like one!