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1930s Letter By the 1930's, the Helmore & Hunt shop was well established at the heart of Bristol's commerical district and was trading under the additional name of "The Wireless Exchange".
Typical for a wireless business of the time, The Wireless Exchange offered accumulator charging (a service Helmore & Hunt still provide to this day, by prior arrangement!) This involved regularly charging the heavy wet accumulators that powered home wireless sets, before many people had access to mains electricity. Depending on total listening time, this was a two or three times a week chore!
Mr Helmore & Mr Hunt also dealt in gramophones, motor cycles, bicycles and steam models (see letter to right), also typical for the trade of the time. After a full three years in business, the duo were now describing themselves as Wireless and Electrical Engineers as their young industry began to mature.
Note from this letter, dated January 1930, that the business was buying coils for a customer - in such early days of wireless, it was very common for people to build and maintain their own wireless sets and ready-wound coils were highly sought after items.