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Welcome history
Founded 1927 Growth 1930s World War II 1940s 1950s Age of TV 1960s Solid State Age 1970s Maturity 1980s Hibernation 1990s Reawakening 2000 - A New Millenium
1929 Letter to Marconiphone Co. In 1929, Mr Edward Helmore wrote from his Bristol, UK home to The Marconiphone Company, enquiring what royalties would be due on the "manufacture of wireless sets, etc. for sale to the public." (See letter to left). 1929 Marconiphone Letter in reply
In fact, Edward and his school friend Leonard Hunt had been experimenting and producing wireless sets since 1927, to the great acclaim of neighbours and friends.
Two months later, Marconiphone replied (Original Letter to right - Note the wonderful list of products in the left hand margin). The address indicates that by then, Ted and Len had already set up shop at 13 Milk Street, St Pauls - in downtown Bristol.
In those early days, wireless was very much "the" new technology. People were fascinated by wireless - more so than we currently are with the Internet and mobile apps of today. Folks had never seen (or rather "heard") anything like it in their lives before. They thought it was magic.
There were very few wireless transmitters operating and the business was largely controlled by the transmitting companies - the likes of Marconiphone and The British Broadcasting Company.
Through their early experiments with wireless, Ted and Len had little idea that they were to commence on a lifetime of discovery in the industry that grew to what we call today - electronics.
Neither did they know that they would establish a lasting business name that has stood the test of time for 93 years - Helmore & Hunt, Inc..