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The 1979 shop closure, as reported by The Bristol Evening Post at the time. Edward Helmore & Leonard Hunt had traded continuously in Bristol for 52 years. The final day came in March 1979, as the M32 motorway encroached on the old rank of shops and demolition was just days away.
Shop Closure, Bristol Evening Post, 1979

At this time, as the "Saturday Boy", I had learned a tremendous amount about electronic valves, standard and rare. Much of the remaining stock was snapped up by museums, collectors and customers desperate not to miss out on the last chance to get spares for valuable, but elderly equipment - much of which was by then in stand-by service, but still very much functional.

As the final day drew near, what was left (and a good deal that was held back for the purpose, unbeknown to me) was given to your author. As we closed the shop for that very last time, Len Hunt's parting words to me were "You've learned a lot here. One day people will need that knowledge again - guard it well."